Wednesday, January 10, 2018

2017 Year End Report

JORBA would like to thank the many volunteers that came out to work on Ringwood trails in 2017. Together we completed the Crossover/Ringwood-Ramapo west end re-route to the alternate bridge just south of Mill pond. We also built the new "State Line Trail" which is close to a mile long. This trail provides a safer and more enjoyable route through the woods to the Cooper Union north trailhead and to Sterling Forest without traveling on the busy Sloatsburg Rd.

In addition, we got a good start on the Crossover Trail re-route between Ringwood Manor and Shepherd Lake Rd. Part of that re-route included building a causeway and bridge across a wet area which took place November 15 - December 2 to avoid disrupting any sensitive habitat. Special thanks to Marc Perez for the loan of a Jorba Canycom, and to Ringwood State Park for providing the bridge materials. Also a special thanks to NYNJTC for the loan of a grip hoist and advice from their professional Trail Builder, Erik Mickelson. We also would like to thank Steve Boshart (55 hours) and Marianne Santangelo (41 hours) for your commitment and the many hours on this project. All of you were an important part of making this happen.

In 2017 Jorba volunteers at Ringwood State Park logged over 850 work hours on the trails. Those hours are valued at $17,850. by the State of New Jersey Parks department. Thanks to ALL volunteers! We will see you in the spring!

Canycom (mechanized wheelbarrow)

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Ringwood Work Schedule - Fall 2017

Ringwood Trail Crew/JORBA has a full schedule of work days lined up for this fall. We have approval for a full re-route of the Crossover Trail (white blaze) between Skylands Manor and Ringwood Manor that will be under construction over the next few years. The more volunteers that come out, the faster this will get done. These re-routes will offer prime trail access between Ringwood and Sterling Forest.

This fall we will be addressing a swamp crossing. The actual work on the swamp will be taking place Nov 15 - 30 due to sensitive habitat. There is much to prepare (large rock moving) before the actual swamp area work days. It would be a great help if you could lend one day to help us prepare.

Fall Schedule:

September 16, Saturday: 9am meet at Shepherds Lake

October 8, Sunday: 9am at Shepherds Lake

November 4, Saturday: 9am at Shepherds Lake

November 12, Sunday: 9am at Shepherds Lake

November 15, Wednesday: 9am at work site. rsvp for location.

November 16, Thursday: 9am at work site. rsvp for location.

November 17, Friday: 9am at work site. rsvp for location.

November 18, Saturday: 9am at Shepherds Lake

November 19, Sunday: 9am at Shepherds Lake

Wear sturdy shoes and work gloves. Heavy or steady rain cancels. Tools will be provided. For more information contact Art

Monday, May 30, 2016

Crossover Trail Open!

Today the Crossover Trail project that was started in 2013 is officially open and complete. What started as a vision by James, our Ringwood crew leader in 2012, was jointly planned and proposed to the park and routes run through state data base. It was approved and fine tuned with shovels in the soil in March 2013. Three plus years of trail building and finally the new section of trail is marked and open from Warm Puppy (red) to the intersection of Crossover and Pierson Ridge trail (blue). Jorba and the Ringwood Trail Crew would like to thank the many volunteers that have come out and made this project happen. Over 1500 volunteer man hours went into construction which is valued by the park as $34,500. of free labor.

The trail serves a variety of levels of mountain bikers, as well as hikers, making it a very popular trail. Although most people have been riding the trail out and back since they enjoy it so much, portions of the trail help link together many other popular trails in the park. So please do go explore the beautiful forest and many trails. Right now wild roses and lady slippers are blooming, toads, efts and centipedes are everywhere. It's a great time to be out there!

Friday, May 15, 2015

Spring 2015

A long cold winter has finally given way to spring. The trail conditions have been excellent! Volunteers have already put in over 70 hours this season on the Crossover Trail build. If you have not been up there, please do check it out. We are progressing each week and hope to reach the top by the end of the year, but that depends on all of you, and how many volunteers come out to work. Think of it like investing in more future riding trails.

Dirty Thursdays will run all year until September. Crews start around 4:00 and best to rsvp for location and updates. There will also be some weekend dates that will be added to the schedule this week. Please check back for them or go to Ringwood Trail Crew FB page for more dates.

Happy Trails!

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Thanks to Volunteers!

The 2014 Ringwood Trail work season is complete. Jorba would like to thank all it's 45 dedicated volunteers that came out to lend a hand at Ringwood this past year. We logged 579 man hours. The park values those hours at $13,000. of labor. Whether you came for an hour or returned every week to work, your efforts are appreciated and the trails are in great shape because of you. Section 3, 4 and 5 of the Crossover Tr re-route are compete. Section 2 has been started and we hope you all come back next year to help finish that section.

With the pipeline construction going on the past few years, Ringwood state park has been a mess to ride through. The pipeline work is finally done and the corridor has been restored. You should be able to find most crossings by a path in the grass or trail marker. Enjoy!

I hope you all get out for riding before too much snow falls. See you all next spring!

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Project Update

Summer is winding down and there is much to report on what has been done and is about to begin this week. Yes, we are paused and ready to start our next push of new trail up to Pierson Ridge. Our next weekend work day is Sunday Aug 10. Meet at Ryerson School 130 Valley Rd Ringwood NJ 07456. Be prepared to ride bikes to the work site, as it is a few miles in.

Summer projects have gone really well, thanks to the hard working volunteers. Warm Puppy is now connected to last years work and is riding really well according to reports. Last Thursday, a minor repair was done near Warm Puppy. Dirty Thursday plans to meet again tomorrow Aug 7th in Lot C to do another repair. The last Dirty Thursday Aug 21, crews will be working near Webly Pond on the new section or where needed. Please RSVP for location.